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Are you offering your toddler a balanced diet?

Now this doesn't always mean what you think it does. It could mean different things to different families. I always advocate for 80% good, 20% not ideal.

Let's be honest, what that looks like for your family could mean 80% raw, 20% cooked. Or 80% organic and 20% not. 80% home cooked and 20% ready made.

Emma 14months, Snacking on garden peas, freeze-dried blueberries and broken up coconut tennis biscuits.

For my family that means 80% for health and 20% for happiness. And yes obviously all food groups should be categorised as happiness but we are talking about toddlers who love a cheesy puff or strawberry flavoured Peppa Pig yoghurt. So when I say 80% for health I am talking about the conscious ingredient choices (like dairy, protein, starch, fruit + veg etc.) and then some sort of happiness element... so something just for familiarity or fun... this can take the form of a broken up biscuit or handful of chocolate coated raisins or any other serving of happiness you wish to serve up amongst "learning foods" like peas or baked beans.

What ratio do you strive for in your family?

Let this be a reminder that balance is key. Allow for fun, allow for familiarity, and allow yourself to enjoy a sneaky treat from time to time too! Parenting is hard work and all the decisions we make a million times a day to raise our babies as best we can must also include a healthy dose of grace. 80% of it can be thought out and intentional and 20% of it should be for, well you know by now... happiness. :-)


Love Tae



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