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Baby food freezer guidelines

Have you been wondering how long you can freeze baby food for? Don't worry, you aren't alone!

Here's a basic guideline as to how long your baby food will retain its freshness and be safe to serve your little one:

Longer than you thought? I thought so too.

Chances are your little one will have moved on from the baby food phase before your freezer foods have expired. So its important to label and date the food so you can keep track as well as get creative with those purees by using them in sauces and stews going forward for your baby or toddler. You can also add rice/quinoa/pasta/chunkier veggies to these puréed food to taken them into the next texture stage of your babies feeding journey. heck - you can even spread butternut puree onto toast for lunch for your little one and call it a meal... it's that simple!

I hope this is helpful xxx

Love Tae



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