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🍴Feeding Friends🍴

Hey 👋

Today I want to chat to about table time and how to create an environment for learning without it feeling like work for both you and your little one. 👌

A great way to “UP-SKILL” your child is to let them share and feed their favourite friend. My son feeds his dinosaurs 🦕 and my daughter feeds her babies 👶🏼 It’s a valuable skill that leans deeply into other areas of development 🙌🏻

✨Teaches kiddies to share

✨Children are encouraged to hold and handle utensils 🥄🍴with better precision + grip

✨Makes meal times less intimidating

✨They feel a sense of accomplishment and responsibility 🙌🏻

Do you feel like your family needs some inspiration? Some fun ideas to keep meal times light but educational? Or just to take the pressure off at dinner time, which can so often be the most stressful time of the day... head on over to here and book an online consultation now :-)


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