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Homemade Chicken Nuggets!

The most common toddler drug.... nuggets! I mean if you know, you know. If you have a toddler, you know all too well how easily you can get a child to the table for meal times if they spot a chicken nugget!

This isn't because your child is trying to be unhealthy and demand processed beige food to destroy your spirit. Toddlers all go through a stage of food neophobia and are quite literally scared of new foods. It's at this time that your little ones cling to things like puffs and nuggets for every meal. Why? CONSISTENCY. Sorry I'm not trying to shout at you - haha.

The infamous nugget and puff will always look the same, smell the same, taste the same... EVERY TIME. It's predictable, non-threatening and immediately allows them to let their guard down and enjoy their mealtime.


  • 4 chicken fillets

  • 1 egg

  • 2 cups bread crumbs (1 cup for nugget mix and 1 cup for coating nuggets)

  • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme and a pinch of salt (omit salt if baby is under 12 months)

  • 1 large carrot, finely grated

  • Oil for shallow frying (I used extra virgin olive oil)


  1. Blend chicken, carrot, egg, bread crumbs, thyme & salt together to form a “dough”.

  2. Spoon the chicken nugget “dough” out, roll and shape into nuggets and coat in bread crumbs.

  3. You can get creative and choose your shape. I stuck with rounder ones to avoid rejection 😂 but made a few hearts and dino 🦖 shapes for fun too 🥰


✨Best method ✨ Shallow pan fry - On medium heat for 8-10 (4-5 min each side depending on how quickly they brown and how thick they are) OR ✨Alternative method✨ Bake @ 180 degrees Celsius for 20min and then spray each nugget with olive/coconut oil and put under the grill for 5min to brown up.


Watch this quick video for steps :

Easy Peasy!

Thanks for following :-)

Warm wishes,

Tae (The Nyummies Mummy)



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