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Sugary foods always get given a bad rap but the reality is that you can’t avoid it forever. Children will be exposed to sweets and candy regardless of how much you try to escape it. And if we’re honest, some of our fondest childhood memories involve sweets. Sharing them, licking lollipops 🍭, nibbling candy bracelets, or guessing flavors of jelly beans 🫘. I think treating all food with the same level of enthusiasm is a vital part of feeding journey success, this includes treats and sweets.

If you want to feel like there’s something more gained from the candy munching experience (other than pure joy 😜), try incorporating an exercise like colour/shape/flavour identification into the mix.

The main thing to remember is that moderation is everything. Simple pleasures like having soft serve 🍦 ice cream at the beach, licking the icing off spoons during baking, looking forward to grandparents bringing a box of smarties when they visit or enjoying a Slush Puppy at Spur or the movies… these are memories your child will cherish and the occasional spoil won’t ruin your child’s development or health 💞

WATCH BELOW >> to see how we got through the first hard lockdown of the pandemic 🤪


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