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"Pick" your battles!

Usually my kids love raisins but then simultaneously they both rejected them in their lunchboxes. I think it became a bit over kill and they go over it (guilty!) I’m a big believer in giving foods a break and reintroducing them a few weeks later. I normally make an effort to not over serve the same foods day in and day out and this time I slipped up (don’t we all 🤷🏻‍♀️).

It’s been about 5 weeks since I last served raisins so last night I served them on a fun food pick. They both loved them! One of the kids ate all their raisins and they other one just played with it. This is a win!

Here’s my tips for reintroduced foods :

✔️ Serve at a different meal (dinner instead of lunchbox)

✔️ Serve in a different way (food pick instead of container)

✔️ Serve small quantities ( 4 raisins / 5 peas / 1 carrot stick / one meatball / 1 teaspoon of grated cheese)

Changing up the environment/setting, way it is served and amount served will lessen the pressure 👏🏻

What favorite food has your little one rejected lately?


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