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Soft, fluffy and fresh! It's pizza perfection! and did I mention it's ridiculously easy and quick?!

So my oven broke and the kids were asking for pizza. They don't often ask for pizza so I thought "why not". This was also at crazy hour at the end of the day when you're juggling tired and hungry kids and ordering in wasn't an option. I had made this recipe originally for the oven but I didn't have a choice but to use the microwave. AND IT WORKED!!! This recipe is a MUST have! Pizza night just became a whole lot easier and the kiddies loved helping out! With a cooking time of under 2min, you won't be ordering in again anytime soon!

Quick Microwave Pizza 🍕 Ingredients: 90 g flour 1 teaspoon baking powder Pinch of salt 5 tablespoons milk (use more if needed) *you can use nut milk if need be* Pizza sauce Cheese *you can use dairy free/vegan cheese if need be* Add flour, salt, baking power and milk together, knead into a bouncy dough. Add more flour/milk depending on whether it’s too wet/crumbly. Roll out and add pizza sauce Microwave for 40 seconds Add cheese and microwave for 40 seconds. Done ✔️ Serve and enjoy! Microwave times: ✨40 sec with pizza sauce (you can freeze bases for future use after this step) ✨40 sec with cheese

Check out this quick recipe video below for directions :-)



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