Lamb + Veggie Casserole

A delicious hearty lamb and vegetable casserole for 6months+

This tried and tested scrumptious stage 3 meal is the perfect balance of protein + veggies + starch. You and feed this meal from as young as 6 months, just blend it to the consistency and texture that works for your baby.

Finally a meat dish my 9 month old loves to eat. Thank you! – Kendall van der Merwe

I was on a mission to create a minced beef recipe for my son and went out in a hurry with 7month old baby Josh fabric strapped to my belly like a kangaroo to buy the ingredients. I rushed home, got cooking and fed it to Josh. He devoured every last spoonful and kept smacking the table for more. I was super chuffed with how much he loved this recipe that I went out to buy more ingredient to cook it again the next day. Only this time he turned his nose up at it and pursed his lips shut after spitting the first mouthful. I was stumped! I tasted it and it tasted completely different but I hadn't done anything differently? On closer inspection of my shopping receipts I realised the day before I had accidentally picked up the minced lamb (whoops!) And so, this is how the LAMB + Veg casserole came to be! Best rushed shopping mistake I've made thus far!

Lamb + Veg Casserole


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