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Transitioning between textures!

Sometimes our little eaters get fixated on a particular texture and we aren’t quite sure how to re-introduce variation back… here’s a tip 👇🏻

From smooth and soft 🔁 hard and crumbly… here’s what you need…. biscuits and yoghurt!

My son was happily eating soft and smooth foods whilst teething but struggled to get back to harder foods for a while. So I placed biscuits dipped in yoghurt on his tray for him to pick up and lick or suck the yoghurt off, which resulted in the biscuits getting soggy and crumbling while he was eating. He gradually started eating the biscuits with less and less yoghurt with each snack time and within a few days he was back to eating toast/biscuits/crackers and crumb coated chicken. 🙌🏻 Which in feeding toddler terms is like winning the lotto 🤣

The same method can be used for children who are only eating dry crackers and nuggets for example. Start with a cookie they love to eat and dip it in yoghurt/cream cheese (just a little) and build up on the amount you add until they’ve worked up their texture tolerance to the point where you can serve yoghurt with granola (or cookie crumble) on top 🙌🏻


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