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Valentines sandwich ♥️

No one likes to have to slave over a novelty gift, am I right? I have the perfect lunchbox spoil that will have your little love smile from ear to ear!

Valentines sandwiches are making the rounds and they're super simple to make! You can whip these bad boys up whilst making school lunches without breaking a sweat.

You will need :

  1. 2 x slices of sandwich bread

  2. Spread of choice

  3. Heart sprinkles

  4. Chia seeds

  5. Heart cookie cutter


  1. Spread your topping of choice(mine is butter + jam) on one slice

  2. Cut out heart shape from spare slice and place the slice on top.

  3. Add sprinkles!

  4. For additional nutritional benefit, add some chia seeds to the sprinkles.

With the heart cut out, you can treat yourself for being such a kind and loving parent or use it as a lid to cover sprinkles on the sandwich heart so its a little surprise to open up as school.

Click here to watch a short 20sec video tutorial.




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