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Ages + portion sizes for toddlers!

Psssst 🤫 it’s a trick question 🤪

When I do feeding/mealtime consultations I often get asked “How much should my child be eating at X years old?”

I know where the question stems from because I had those same thoughts when I was a first time mom.

Here’s my response to portion sizes for toddlers :

🪞All children are different.

🪞Every child has their own unique appetite and eating style (big meals or snackers)

🪞Every child has a unique build and body shape.

🪞No two children are the same and all children will differ from day to day in their eagerness to eat depending on a multitude of factors.

🪞An 18month old busy and active child could eat the same amount of food in a day as a lower energy 4year old. The 18m old requires and burns more “fuel” in a 12hour day. But it could also be the other way round where you have a very cautious eater at 18m who is avoidant and less adventurous with food and a 4year old that is on the go and eager to try and learn new things.

I offer my 3yr old and 5yr old the same amount of food and allow them the opportunity to ask for more or leave behind food if they are full. It takes time for children to learn to listen to their bodies but you have to give them opportunities to do that.

Deciding everything for them can be both exhausting for you and frustrating for them 💞

If you are having a tough time during mealtimes and the juggle of it all, Book a session with me here and let's ease your mind and take some of the pressure off!


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