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Healthy Choc Pots!

CHOC POTS!! Sugar free and dairy free + can be served from as young as 6months 🙌🏻 Perfect for any time of the day and a super healthy alternative to sugary puddings.


1/2 frozen avocado 1 ripe banana 70ml oat/nut milk/formula/breast milk 1 TBSP cocoa powder ***Blend until smooth*** The flavor is very rich in chocolate but also has a slight banana taste so if you like you can always bump up the flavors by adding cinnamon/honey(12m+)/peanut butter. For the older kiddies you can add a spoon of hazelnut spread to the mix before blending. This recipe makes 2-3 servings so any leftovers can be frozen into ice lollies to soothe teething gums or a treat on a hot day✨


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