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Do you have a child who notoriously turns down certain foods before they’ve even tasted it?

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽We all do 🤣 At some point they will reject food simply because of how it looks or how it is served. It’s one of the key aspects to food neophobia that happens to toddlers at some stage. It can be a new food or a food they’ve previously tried and loved but today they’ve decided it’s on the “no-go list”. So there is comfort in knowing you are not alone 💛

There are SO many ways to encourage your child to try certain foods and one of those ways is to introduce fun food picks/forks ✨

It’s fun, it’s great practice for their coordination and they’re more likely to want to give it a go 💛 If anything, it makes meal times more enjoyable and feel less overwhelming for little ones.

It’s a small novelty that can go a long way when you have a picky/fussy eater. And if you’ve fought the battle with a child who won’t eat, you’ll try anything - am I right??

WATCH BELOW >> to see Josh eating his steamed zucchini after turning it down two nights in a row. (He asked for seconds which was a double bonus)

I'd love to know once you've tried this !

Head on over to this post and let me know your thoughts 💭 ♥️

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