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Toddler Feeding Advice - Simplicity + Variety

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing one of my top tips for exposing toddlers and children (1-6y) to V A R I E T Y ✨

We all get stuck in the cycle of one flavour profile at different stages of feeding toddlers….

Think pasta, bread, potato chips/fries, oats. These are all neutrals/beige foods. Been there with your little one? Me too 🙋🏻‍♀️ it feels endless.

Is your little one stuck in the salty cycle? Think crackers, sausages, nuggets, fries 🍟… my kids have been stuck here too 🙋🏻‍♀️

Do you ever wonder how your child survives on just banana’s? Or fruit juices? Or corn every day all day? This is the sweet cycle… at one point I was certain my son was a 🐒🍌😂

The sour flavour cycle is not as common and is often one of the missing flavours on many toddlers plates but is so important to expose your little ones to these tastes. Think tomatoes 🍅 pickles 🥒 pineapple 🍍 plain yoghurt etc.


Try to include one food from each flavour profile on the plate. If it’s a new food, keep the portion small 💛 when you’re plating up - think …





SERVING VARIETY is key when you want variety in your child’s diet 🥰 Remember multiple exposures a few times a week 🙏🏻


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