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Sticky Plum Chicken

A crowd pleaser for the whole family! Flavoursome and easy to make, what's not to love about this?!

You will need :

Chicken portions, fresh or completely thawed from frozen (I used 18 thighs because I will use left overs for dinner tomorrow night or freeze for a meal later in the week.)

Chicken seasoning:

1 teaspoon freeze dried sage

1 teaspoon freeze dried chives

1 teaspoon freeze dried oregano

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

1/2 teaspoon salt (leave out if you are serving babies under 12 months old)

4 generous tablespoons sticky plum sauce

1 tablespoon evoo

* Coat chicken well in the chicken seasoning and place into a baking pan/dish then just before cooking add :

1 cup chicken stock (boiling hot) to the pan - this will keep the chicken juicy and flavourful.

Bake in the oven for 45 min uncovered @ 180•C

Serve with basmati rice

For toddlers and babies(9m +) : chop up the cooked chicken and add it to some rice, spoon some of the gravy/juices from the dish over the chicken and rice and serve with a spoon.

Added notes:

You can add more than 4 tablespoons of the sticky plum sauce to your chicken but I prefer to keep flavours subtle enough for everyone to enjoy.

For dinner parties: garnish with fresh herbs before serving and remember, people eat with their eyes.

Delicious and great for the whole family!

1 Comment

Nov 09, 2022

Cannot wait to try this. Meal time is always fun with your recipes and tips and tool. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity.

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